Onde fazer o pedido de casamento? Top 10 dos lugares mais românticos do mundo

Nunca teria pensado que fazer uma simples pergunta pudesse ser tão difícil, verdade? Tudo porque a resposta à mesma determinará o seu futuro comum. Por isso, é essencial que esteja confiante e bem preparado quando chegar o grande momento. E um pedido de casamento bem-sucedido começa por um lugar original e romântico. Sem ideias? Aqui ficam algumas dicas da conta de Instagram @HowHeAsked.

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1. O clássico

Um clássico para os amantes de todo o mundo, a Torre Eiffel tem testemunhado muitas demonstrações de ternura. Uma cidade icónica da paixão, Paris é o lar de muitos pedidos de casamento românticos todos os anos, ao pé do seu monumento mais emblemático.

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"I had a work trip to Paris and I ended up tacking a few days onto the end of it with one of my best friends. I'd asked Steven to come as well, but he had a boys trip to Seattle planned already. Before we left, my friend asked if I wanted to do a fun photoshoot with her in front of the Eiffel Tower. I said yes, she booked booked a photographer, and I threw a red dress in my luggage (one that Steven encouraged me to get a few months before then….). Mid-shoot that morning, the photographer handed me a card addressed to me…. from Steven. Hands shaking from the cold and my nervousness, I opened the card and inside were notes I had written Steven back when we were doing long distance. The notes were about all the things we could do once we were finally together. One of the notes (which I forgot I'd written) was “Go to Paris and kiss under the Eiffel Tower”….Before I knew it Steven came walking up the stairs behind me, as emotional as I've ever seen him.." Photo by @theparisianphotographers

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2. O natural

Para os aficionados do campo, um pedido de casamento em total comunhão com a vegetação parece ser uma das melhores opções. Da forma mais natural possível, ajoelhe-se e deixe o seu coração falar. Apenas você, a sua alma gémea e a mãe natureza a testemunhar o vosso amor.

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"I have two sons and I made plans for us to do a mommy/son photoshoot together (#threemusketeers). We drove a ways out of town to the countryside for it, and in the middle of our shoot, I started hearing footsteps in the distance. As the sound became louder, I turned around and to my surprise, it was Cory walking towards me, smiling the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. He took my hands and spoke the most amazing words to me. Then, he knelt down, asked me to please be his bride, and I burst into the best ugly cry and said yes. Almost immediately following, my boys came running back down the hill with two roses shouting, “OUR MOM IS GETTING MARRIED!!!!!” The smile on their faces said it all…. beyond a shadow of a doubt, this man is going to be in our lives forever." Link in profile to see this adorable family! Photos by @ironandlacephoto

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3. O aquático

Dado que vai estar um pouco nervoso, e bem longe de se sentir como um peixe na água, confie o seu destino nas mãos celestiais de Posídon (deus supremo do mar) durante o seu pedido de casamento. À imagem do seu amor, o infinito do oceano será o melhor cenário para se declarar à sua noiva.

4. O urbano

Fazer da rua a testemunha do seu amor, aqui está uma boa ideia. Saltar à frente dos transeuntes, num lugar geralmente inofensivo, tornará o seu pedido de casamento mais do que maravilhoso. Escolha o trajeto diário da sua companheira para que, a partir desse dia, ela o percorra com um sorriso nos lábios.

5. O Misticismo

Como a magia de uma história de amor, as auroras boreais formam um cenário mágico para um pedido de casamento. Um quadro de sonho misturado com a realidade, que tornará o seu grande momento ainda mais intenso do que já seria naturalmente.

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"We headed out to chase the #northernlights as the conditions were perfect, and getting photos of the #aurora is a passion we both share. We found this amazing location, so Dale set up the camera and then suggested we take few selfies. Being landscape photographers, it's not often we have memories of us at the stunning locations we photograph, so of course I agreed (and was a little surprised he even suggested it). I was standing there waiting as he set up the perfect angle of us and the fast-moving lights, and I kept telling him to hurry (the lights move so fast, you could miss them) so we could get our landscape shots too. He said "okay, okay, just one selfie" and finally ran over to me. Then, before I even knew it, he was down on one knee proposing with the most beautiful backdrop ever…." 📷 by @dkphotographyau (and actually there's one more crazy detail about his "first" proposal plan – read it via the link in our profile)

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6. O desportivo

Efeito de surpresa garantido, aqui está uma forma de motivar a sua cara-metade a render-se ao desporto com maior frequência. Uma atividade banal, que se torna num momento único, é a chave para um pedido de casamento bem-sucedido.

7. O vertiginoso

Só pela sua simples presença, a sua cara-metade dá-lhe vertigens? Por que não devolver-lhe essa sensação com um pedido de casamento com 100% de emoções fortes? Com medo de não estar à altura ? Fique longe da borda, esta não é a hora, nem o momento de desmaiar.

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"After five hours, we got to the top and waited our turn to take a photo on the famous Trolltunga cliff. Danny told me to go on the rock so that he could focus the camera. He set up his intervalometer and ran down to join me. I was out the ledge in complete awe of the fjords and glaciers that we were overlooking. I could tell Danny was nervous but I thought it was just because we were on a a 10,000 year old rock formation. He let me know that the timer was ready and we could start taking photos. I replied, "oh my gosh we didn't talk about what poses we should do yet" as many people do crazy things on the edge of the cliff. He replied, "How about this one" as I turned around to see him down on one knee…" See more photos via the link in our profile! 📷 by @dannydphotography

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8. No mundo de encantar

Um conto de fadas, fiel aos seus filmes favoritos? Acorde o príncipe que dorme em si com um pedido cavalheiresco. Na Disneyland ou no Castelo de Neuschwanstein, na Alemanha (que inspirou o famoso parque temático), aproveite a magia do local para declarar o seu amor à sua cara-metade.

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It's DISNEYLAND'S 60th birthday today! We're celebrating with 10+ adorable #disney proposals on HowHeAsked.com 🎉🎉🎉 To start… "Cory set up a whole scavenger hunt throughout #Disneyland. I was sent to all my favorite rides to find my “missing” family. Everywhere I went, I was handed the next clue by one of my sisters or brother-in-law, and finally, they led me to the castle where Cory was waiting for me. My heart was pounding and my eyes were swelling up with tears as I walked towards him. He hugged me tightly and told me how much he loved me. Then, he got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him…" @jaimedavisphoto #disneyland60 Link to all the rest in our profile ❤️

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9. No gelo 

O amor, felizmente, aquece corações! Receita perfeita para um pedido de casamento romântico, o frio, o gelo e o silêncio criarão uma atmosfera única, conducente a confidências. Aposte neste cenário mágico para conquistar a mão da sua amada. Momentos preciosos e de calafrios.

10. Espetacular 

O que há mais impressionante do que o deserto de Las Vegas? Uma proposta sob um balão de ar quente no deserto de Las Vegas! Estupefação imediata, tanto a estrutura, quanto a ideia são incomuns. Mesmo que as mulheres sejam conhecidas pelo seu infalível sexto sentido, ela estará longe de imaginar tal surpresa. Simplesmente de tirar o fôlego!

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"One Friday I got a 4am wake up call and was driven out to the desert of Las Vegas. I didn’t ask any questions but as soon as we pulled up to a hot air balloon truck, I realized that we would be checking off one of my bucket list items! I was so excited as the staff set everything up, and Landon suggested we go inside the gigantic balloon while we waited. When we stepped inside, it was so magical. I walked around in awe looking up at how incredible it all was, and then I felt Landon come towards me and give me a hug. He started saying sweet nervous things in my ear and next thing I know he was on one knee asking me to be his wife in the most perfect proposal I could ever imagine…" Photo AND proposal by @landonmrob ❤️ More on HowHeAsked.com right now!

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