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Hi, We are Daniel and Luiza Oliveira.

We are husbands and wives and the team behind the images of the heart.

We are based in Lisbon and we´re avaliable for destination weddings in the Lisbon - Portugal and abroad.

Daniel is his photographer, all images are taken and edited by him. Luiza runs the business and makes sure everything goes as it should. there is much behind the scenes.

For us, a photograph is much more a record of simple images. A perfect photographic record is when the photographer is able to capture the soul of those being photographed, capturing the emotion of the moment and the essence of each couple. Containing through images an important page of their lives.

Photography is to eternalize feelings, incredible and unique stories, capture the beauty and magic that are being experienced, for those who can be revisited and remembered with the same passion and the same love at that moment.

A job done with the heart, but also with a lot of professionalism, experience, knowledge and techniques, so that the magic of your moment is always, as it deserves to be.

If you like our photography and the way to document weddings, we definitely want to hear you.

Use our contact form to contact or email at contato@galeriaoliveira.art

You can find us on Instagram and Facebook let connect!

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