Quinta da Bella Vista


Quinta da Bella Vista - o lugar onde os sonhos se tornam realidade

A Herdade histórica está situada num dos bairros mais românticos de Portugal - Sintra - e também conhecida por ser a 'Colina da Lua', um local repleto de magia e mistério, palácios de contos de fadas e jardins luxuriantes e considerado Património pela Unesco pela sua beleza ímpar. 

A sua orientação sudoeste, sobre o vale, o Atlântico e o Palácio de Monserrate dá à nossa quinta o nome de “Bella Vista”. A luz quente cativante banha a nossa terra enquanto pode deslumbrar-se com o pôr do sol nas extremidades do oceano.

Quatro hectares de belos jardins e bosques hospedam o Palácio, Villa Camelia, Villa Monserrate e Casa Bohemia, uma charmosa casa de campo com uma banheira ao ar livre. Um total de quinze suítes e residências luxuosas podem acomodar até 30 hóspedes sortudos com comodidades como piso aquecido, lareira, sistema de som, internet de alta velocidade e serviço imaculado de nossa equipe experiente e atenciosa.

Bella Vista possui duas piscinas com áreas de estar elegantes (a piscina Palacio é aquecida durante todo o ano, com uma 'praia' privada), vistas hipnotizantes do pôr-do-sol do oceano e aconchegantes fogueiras com cadeiras Adirondack.

O Gramado com a Fonte dos Desejos e o 'Teatro da Floresta' definem um cenário deslumbrante para a recepção e cerimônia dos seus sonhos, enquanto a estufa vitoriana restaurada de 300 metros quadrados, com capacidade para 220 convidados em mesas redondas, é um local já votado como um dos locais mais bonitos de Sintra. Para uma celebração mais intimista, existe a adega do palácio, perfeita para uma degustação de vinhos, cozinha espectáculo ou uma festa à noite.

A Quinta tem a sua própria horta biológica e Quinta de Leiteira que nos fornece leite fresco, ovos e produtos saudáveis.

Contacte-nos para saber mais sobre este local de contos de fadas e teremos o maior prazer em acolher os seus dias e noites mais inesquecíveis na Quinta da Bella Vista.

Disponível para casamentos, eventos e escapadelas luxuosas.


Quinta da Bella Vista - the were dreams come true place

The historical Estate located in one of the most romantic neighborhoods of Portugal – Sintra, also known as the 'Moon Hill', the place full of magic and mystery, fairytale palaces and lush gardens, the place protected for its unique beauty as a Heritage Site by Unesco.

An enchanting south-west orientation, over the valley, the Atlantic and the Monserrate Palace gives our Quinta the name “Bella Vista.” The captivating warm light baths our land while you can daze at the setting sun in the far ends of the Ocean. 

Four hectares of beautiful gardens and woods host the Palacio, Villa Camelia, Villa Monserrate and Casa Bohemia, a charming cottage with an outdoor tub. A total of fifteen luxurious bedroom Suites and Residences can accommodate up to 30 lucky guests with amenities such as heated floors, fireplaces, Sonos sound system, high speed internet and immaculate service from our experienced and caring staff.

Bella Vista features two swimming pools with elegant lounge areas, (the Palacio Pool is heated throughout the year, with a private 'beach'), mesmerizing ocean-sunset views and cozy fire pits with Adirondack chairs.

The Lawn with the Wishing Fountain and the 'Forest Theater' set a stunning backdrop for your dream reception and ceremony, while the 300 square meter restored Victorian Greenhouse, sitting up to 220 guests on round tables, is a place already voted as one of the most beautiful venues in Sintra. For a more intimate celebration, there is the wine cellar in the palace, perfect for a wine tasting, show cooking or an after-hour party.

The Quinta has its own organic Vegetable Garden and Dairy Farm which provides us with fresh milk, eggs and wholesome produce.

Contact us to learn more about this fairy-tale place and we will be delighted to host your most unforgettable days and nights at Quinta da Bella Vista.

Available for weddings, events and luxurious getaways.

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Rua Barbosa du Bocage 60
Concelho: Sintra 2710-405

Opiniões sobre Quinta da Bella Vista

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5 opiniões
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Por Jenna Anton
Usamos o serviço

I'm a wholistic makeup artist in the fashion/beauty industry out of NY/LA, and had the pleasure of being apart of my friends magical wedding as her makeup artist here at Quinta Da Bella Vista.

WOW...what a magical, ethereal, mystical, vibrational piece of Earth!!! I've traveled extensively for my job, working at some of the most beautiful locations in the World, and this location is unlike anything I've ever witnessed.  From the views of nature and castles in the distance, to the rays of light  streaming in, and open skies that create the most beautiful ever-changing painting!  From the sounds of birds and crickets, to the rustling of leaves while the trees dance all around you...it literally feels like Heaven in Earth.  I stayed here on the property with friends and family, and got to experience every Villa and the Palacio.  They all have their own unique and thoughtful styles.  Every room in every space has everything you could ever need or wish for in a destination location. From sunken bathtubs to comfy beds and pillows, to completely stocked kitchens and fireplaces everywhere. I was able to witness multiple sunrises and sunsets, fog rolling in and out as quickly as it comes in, to sunshine and rain happening simultaneously, creating rainbows and the fresh smell of earth under your feet.  I will have my wedding here one day when I meet that special one ️

The title says it all...Quinta Da Bella Vista is where dreams are made of

Por Kerry Met
Fui convidado num casamento

I visited Quinta da Bella Vista for a late summer birthday party earlier this year. I am mean…just wow! Quinta da Bella Vista is one of the most luxurious and elegant exclusive resorts I have been to. The ocean scenery from the pool bar terrace as the sun set in front of our eyes was breathtaking. From the vibe and the architecture of the Palace building and the surrounding gardens, the place feels like it has emerged from the Great Gatsby movie set! The attention to detail, and the level of professionalism of the support staff, put most 5-star resorts out there to shame. Lucky all of you who haven't got a wedding ceremony planned yet, as this is the place to have it! Definitely on my bucket list to visit again with the family. What a wonderful experience.

Por Matt and Lena Matt and Lena
Usamos o serviço

We are photographers based in Portugal, we stayed at the Bella Vista for a few days to photograph a fashion editorial. It is an amazing location, so much beautiful light and scenery. Every corner of the hotel is magical and inspires wonderful ideas. The owners and staff are super friendly and helpful. We very much look forward to shooting another project there in the future, including a wedding :)

Matt and Lena

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